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How to find your bracelet size for the best fitting cuff

To get the perfect fit cuff you need to measure your wrist. How can you measure your wrist for the perfect fitting cuff? Guess based on your T-shirt size? Not if you want to get the perfect fit when you order a cuff from Lou Horton! Her sizes run large and she has the widest selection of sizes! Extra small? Extra EXTRA large? Only Lou Horton has this many sizes and she can make any size in between.

Gather Supplies:

  • Long strip of paper about 1/2 inch or 2cm wide cut from notebook paper, printer paper, or newspaper/magazine at least 8 inches long
  • Ruler


  • Tailor’s tape from your sewing kit

Wrap the strip of paper around your wrist marking with your fingernail where one end of the paper meets the other side. Lay paper flat and measure with the ruler. Lou takes orders in cm or inches.

Or, measure with tailor’s tape.

Compare your wrist measurements to Lou’s standard sizes and always choose the closest larger size. You may also send just your wrist measurements when you check out (choose nearest size) and Lou will make the bracelet to your custom specifications. Please also specify if you prefer a tighter or looser fit.

SizeWrist Size InchesWrist Size Centimeters
XS5 1/413
M6 1/217
L7 1/219
XL8 1/222

How to measure your partner’s wrist for a gift

Follow the same steps as above unless you want it to be a surprise. In general, many women will wear a size small, and many men wear the size medium. You can grab their wrist and try to fit your fingers around it and make a mental note of the distance which you can later compare to a ruler. But don’t sweat it, Lou always does free size exchanges! Just contact her and send the bracelet back in the same packaging. Return shipping will cost about $5 within the USA (as of mid-2022).

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